July 20, 2011

5th Stop: Muskegon, MI!

We have been planning this visit to Muskegon for several years now. Adeline's 5th birthday party! We couldn't wait to celebrate with her and we were glad we were able to make the trip.
We finally made it! I was REALLY sleepy on the drive over from Olivet to Muskegon. SO much that I almost had to pull over. I was dreading that, though, because it was too hot to turn the car off to rest. And I didn't feel safe leaving it running while I was asleep, either. So that thought kept me going. That and I called Josh to help me stay awake by talking to me.

We were greeted by a very smiley and excited Adeline and then Charity. Addy said she was just too excited to sleep so she waited up for us while Andrew took a nap. Brooklynn was very excited to see Adeline and they pretty much disappeared for the rest of the weekend as soon as we got there.
We mainly were going to Muskegon for the birthday party, but also to help with the party and to spend some time with everybody. We also were planning on going to the beach. Brooklynn had been talking about the beach every single day of our trip and we had to keep giving her the countdown in number of days.

When I was unloading the car Addy spotted Brooke's Pillowpet and they decided to carry them around and play "sleepover" (?I guess? I was unpacking but took a quick break to get this shot.) Andrew really wanted to join in so he grabbed his pillow. 
After a yummy (Brooke's favorite: tacos!) dinner we headed outside for some popsicles and fun at their "park". 
I put Gabby in this baby swing...and literally seconds later I turn back around and Brooke had peeled off every article of clothing and was in their pool. 
I'm not sure what I like more about this picture. The fact that Brooke is naked, or that Andrew is in ALL his clothes. 
James got home from work! Yay, Uncle James! 

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