May 2, 2012

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

What can I say? We LOVE the zoo. We were sad to leave Norristown being only 2 miles away from the zoo there. We went at least once a week. There are two zoos here somewhat close to Goshen. The Fort Wayne zoo (which is close to my parents) and there is also one in South Bend. That one is at least 45 minutes away, so we opted for the Fort Wayne zoo...that way I knew we'd at least use it when we went to Fort Wayne.
Well, the first week we bought it we went 4 out of 5 days we were in Fort Wayne. Not bad, I'd say. Now it's already paid for itself. Also, having a membership means we don't do all the zoo in one day. There are three main parts to the zoo and we usually just pick one of them and then leave. It is too much if you don't do it that way. (At least when you have a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old). We ended up seeing the entire zoo that week. I think our favorite was Australia...and we all love the Sea Lions. Who knew the "Sea Lion Feeding" was actually a show where they do tricks and stuff? It was so cute. Brooklynn still talks about the sea lions. I also loved hearing her say "Pelipans" for the Pelicans. I think Gabby's favorite was the popcorn I bought one of the days.

Brooke looking at the "pelipans"

My kids were fascinated by the sea lions.

Brooklynn was pretty excited that she got to pet a kangaroo.

Did you know there are WHITE peacocks? I never knew that.

Brooklynn trying to pet the peacock. Not this day. 

Brooklynn loved the alligator. The one day that we saw him...what is really creepy is that a few days later we went back and the alligator exhibit was all closed off, the tank was empty and there were no alligators...
Apparently one of them hit the glass with his tail and cracked the glass. How scary is it that it could have been at this very moment when Brooklynn was standing here. Thank goodness God was watching over her.
More sea lion fun with Grandpa.
And this is what usually happens after the zoo...Gabby was OUT.

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