May 3, 2012

How We Survive the Heat

It's only May and we didn't have a pool. We actually sold ours or took it to Goodwill before the move (I forget which one). Our air conditioning BROKE on the way back to Goshen from Fort Wayne. (Actually it's our air compressor...and will be around $800 to fix. We're hoping to get a van soon so we really don't want to have to pay the money to fix it.) It was a hot trip back. So we didn't even go upstairs, I stripped the kids down and brought them outside to cool off in the water. I had a big tub and some buckets and I filled them all up with water. They had a was almost better than a pool. And to top it all off towards the end of our water play time Daddy came home from work so they got to greet him soaking wet. I don't think he minded too much because it had been about 4 days since we saw him.

 We missed you, Daddy!

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