May 18, 2012

Brooklynn's New Mermaid Tail

So I want to eventually sew Brooklynn her own princess dress for every Disney princess. I asked her which one she wanted me to do first and of course she said Ariel, I want to have a tail! SO...I had no idea how to make one. It's not like there is really a pattern for it. I got swimsuit material that she picked out and basically drew a tail with a combination of her measurements. It's kinda like a skirt with a fin at the bottom. I've since added some foam to it so it stays out a little. This isn't really functional to walk around in, but is PERFECT for the bathtub or her kiddie pool.
(Now who wants to break the news to her that she won't actually grow a real tail like in her Barbie movie? She's even said the words , "Watch me breathe underwater!" to me while proceeding to try and do so. I had to explain that she CAN'T breathe underwater. I guess she won't actually be a princess, either, so it's all fun to pretend.

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