May 14, 2012

The Chief

There is a local ice cream place in Goshen called "The Chief". Every time we drove past there was a line all the way to the road. Could it really be worth the wait? Really? We got the scoop from someone at Josh's work. It has been around for a long time. (I forget how long) A few years back new owners bought the place just for the building and the name...without a recipe for the ice cream! They had to go to several old employees to get the recipe for their homemade ice cream.
So we finally made it there. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Probably some of the best ice cream I've ever had, hands down. (Except when we got good old Edy's ice cream while I lived in China when visiting Hong Kong or Macau.) It is so creamy. So if you come to visit us or Goshen in general, make sure you stop by the Chief for some ice cream. You won't be disappointed. And it is worth the wait.

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