May 26, 2012

Surprise Weekend with Aunt Betsey!

Betsey had all of Memorial Day weekend off of work and decided to fly home to Olivet but also not tell any of us (besides her parents.) Their job was to get the rest of us into town so we could all hang out and enjoy her visit, but still have it be a surprise.
We got there and said hi to everyone and then Betsey came walking in all casual. We thought maybe it would be her as the surprise but it seemed too good to be true. We were excited when it was actually the surprise; that meant a whole weekend of Betsey!
When Betsey is in town Joann usually comes up (just an extra bonus...we all love Joann and our kids even all her "Aunt Joann")

Do you like our best friends shot, too? Charity took one, too, I need to get that to put them all together.
Adeline was so happy the entire weekend and didn't leave Betsey's side. 
I'm just sitting with my Grandma.
Josh's Mom was nice enough to watch all the grandkids so the older kids could go watch a movie. We saw "Avengers". It was awesome.  Gabby went to sleep so really it was only the older three. Thank you, Grandma! Here they are gearing up for their "date night" with their popcorn watching Barbie a Mermaid Tale.
And here are the movie-goers. 
I love this picture of Brooklynn and Adeline. I found it on Josh's phone...I think it must have been from when they went to get doughnuts?
Erin was so sick almost the entire time. She took a break to take a picture with Brooklynn...I think she is feeling a little better here.
Adeline trying to get any last-minute hugs with Aunt Betsey before she left for the airport.
All the Bean kids
And a group hug...this one makes me sad.
Group shots
Gabby found our leftover popcorn from the theater. Look how excited she is about it.
Bye, Aunt Betsey! See you around Thanksgiving!

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