April 26, 2012

Rice Game

This is what we call the "rice game". To play you need two (or one, or any number, really) very needy, high maintenance kids close to dinner time. You also need some dry rice. And a bowl or a pot or something to put it in. And all kinds of spoons, cups, whatever. Put it on the floor and there you go. Let them have at it. Yes, it's a guaranteed MESS to clean up. For several days you will continue to step on more rice grains even though you swore you got them all the first few times you swept/vacuumed/mopped. BUT....and hear me out. It's worth it. Every last minute of their joy, they are so dedicated to dumping, measuring, feeling the texture in their hands....AND the number 1 reason? I was able to make dinner without much interruption. Aaaaaah. 
I had to cut them off when they dumped the entire bowl on the floor....
and then started to "swim" in the rice, flinging it all over my kitchen.

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