April 17, 2012

Opening the Girls Bank Accounts

You would think something like going to the bank and opening savings accounts would be something pretty mundane, not a big deal, right? OK, first of all, this is at least our 4th trip to the bank since we moved to Goshen. (like go in and talk to somebody visit.) It was the second time trying to open savings accounts. We went in the last week of March and she told me they could do it, but that if I waited a week they had a special promotion in April that when they reach $50 in their accounts the bank gives them a bonus $10. Just for free. So we waited. Before that trip I had to find their social security cards and remember to bring them, and then it's just a matter of getting dressed and leaving the house at a decent hour. So we finally got there, in APRIL. Josh told me to make sure to get a picture of them there to show Great Grandpa. (We were depositing money from him from their Birthdays). Well...Brooklynn stayed under the chair the entire time we were there. A couple of times the guy had to leave the room and Gabby ran out through the bank lobby each and every time. The entire time we were there trying to remember birthdays, spellings of names, etc. (no easy  task to communicate when Gabby is screaming or climbing on top of me) only took about a half hour start to finish but man I was exhausted. Time to go home to compose myself. 

 I FINALLY got a half-way decent picture of both girls opening their accounts. We'll pretend it was as easy as this picture made it look the entire time.

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