June 6, 2011

Drive to Toldeo

So the drive to Toledo was 10 times better than our last trip. Gabby was great almost the whole time. YAY!!!! Such a difference.
This is my favorite picture from the drive up. She loves her bear, Bruce! And now I finally have a good picture of the two of them together.
 Brooke loved her new magnadoodle toy she got for this trip. I don't know why I haven't gotten this yet, it's the perfect travel toy. Also notice how many toys are on top of Brooklynn. That is how she likes to travel. First she piles all of her favorites on top of her, then continues to put stuff on top of that. I guess it's all easy to access...
 This picture of Brooke cracks me up...and it's how I feel about the long drive sometimes, too.
 This is Gabby drinking a bottle. I'm still so amazed at this feat since Brooke refused a bottle until she was a year old. 
 Look at those big brown eyes. What a pretty girl.
Just before Pittsburgh we gave Brooklynn her milk to drink in the car because it was close to bedtime. And about 15 minutes later she threw up. (Yup, all over her and all those toys. It wasn't pretty.) We have really bad luck with her drinking milk IN the car...I think that will be the last time we let her. I think it's something with the motion and the drinking...gross. 

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