June 5, 2011

More Zoo Fun

Here are some pictures from about 4 different trips to the zoo. Almost every time I forget my camera but I've been trying to remember it more. We went twice last week and of course Brooklynn wanted to go again today. So maybe again, tomorrow? We're trying to get all our zoo time in before it's swelteringly hot.
Dirty, dirty feet. I was nursing Gabby and Brooke decided to take her shoes off and run around in the flower beds and grass. I didn't feel like stopping her. Sadly, her feet are just about this dirty EVERY day when her shoes actually stay on.
Sadly the picture on the left is not even an exhibit for the vultures...they are just there hanging out with the eagles.
Checking out the ducks.
Rita and Isa joined us one of the days. What a good time we had! I think Isa's favorite animal was the alligator.
The new butterfly exhibit they tell you every time to watch your step and not to touch the butterflies. Brooklynn always says, "Butterflies...TOUCH!" She wants to touch one SO BAD. But she knows she's not supposed to. There is a different part of the zoo with just a picture of different ones with the labels and she was pretty excited to get to "touch" these butterflies.
testing out the prairie dog tunnel
Gabby testing out the big girl stroller. I think she liked it. 
Being silly in the butterfly. I haven't been able to take a picture of Brooke in here until this day because someone has to lift her up...and I couldn't do both. So we got one when Rita could help.
Another day we met our friends Eric, Julie and Levi. I of course forgot my camera that day but Julie had hers and took some pictures for us. Brooke and Levi had lots of fun in the tunnel.
Gabby was sad she couldn't play in the tunnel...but she had her binky in hand so all was good.
Some cute family pictures! Thanks, Julie! We don't have many of these because the kids don't cooperate too good for the self timer. 
My silly frog.
More exciting than the tunnel are these peek-a-boo trivia things. Brooke opens them over and over and over. 
No more pictures, Mom!

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