June 11, 2011

Hotel Fun

Brooklynn was so funny. She LOVED the hotel phone. We had to unplug it so she could just play with it. She kept going back and forth from the real phone to her "foot phone" that she talks on all the time. I think she was having a little conversation with herself.

Mia shared a bed with Brooklynn. It's her first sleepover. How fun to share it with her cousin!
It was fun to have rooms right across the hall from each other.
Here we are in the hallway waiting for Brooklynn to fall asleep so we can move her into bed with her cousins in order to hang out in one of our rooms. The hotel manager came up to ask us to hang out in one of the lobbies and we said no.
Here they are sleeping. Aren't they so sweet?
Jacob and Josie.

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