June 3, 2011

28 months old

Brooklynn, you are almost 2 1/2. Crazy.
You are really keeping me on my toes. You are learning more and more words all the time. Almost every day you catch me off-guard and I think, "who taught you those filthy, dirty curse words you are repeating over and over?" And then I realize that you're either talking about your "shiRt" or your "foRk"...and not those words without the "R"s like you're actually saying.
You are really sweet with Gabby now. And I'm so thankful. Sometimes you're a little too rough, still. For instance, just this morning I had to tell you that Gabby's forehead and face are NOT a good place to drive your cars around. Next to her? That is ok. Just not ON her anymore. And when I tell you this, instead of being mad at me in protest and then hitting her, you just carry on driving your cars next to her. (thank goodness.)
You don't really listen to me or Josh, still. It's like the words just disappear into space and are never heard. We're working on that one. For now, you are truly perfecting the art of being TWO. And you're good at it. 

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