June 11, 2011

A Special Lunch

We met Josh's Aunt Bobbie and Bev at McDonalds while we were there. Aunt Bobbie got to meet Gabby for the first time and see us. It was a little crazy of a lunch, we met right at the beginning of nap time so the girls were totally spent, but it was still fun to see them for a few hours while we were there. (And it dawned on me that Gabby is sort of named after Aunt Bobbie since we call her "Bobbie" all the time. (half Gabby/half baby. It's what Brooklynn calls her and it's pretty catchy.)
Gabby holding her first french fry. And yes, I realize the irony that it looks like it's not REALLY her first one. :)
Brooklynn was too tired to eat. But then she played for quite a while on the playland. Hmmm...TOO tired? I bet she could have taken a few bites if she was really hungry. Or maybe she's just never too tired to play on the playland?
Gabby was super-happy after I fed her.
And here is Brooklynn and Aunt Bobbie and Bev.
So great to see you guys!

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