June 17, 2011

Yes I Can!

Remember my ruined Moby Wrap?
I FIXED it! It's not quite as red as I was hoping, but at least it's not ugly any more...and it's one solid color. I'm pretty excited I didn't have to throw it away. Josh is claiming that he didn't really promise me a new one regardless of if I could fix this or not. I should have got the new one and then fixed it.
So Walmart was out of the "color remover" until last week. They finally restocked it so I bought several boxes. You are supposed to use at least two boxes for a small load of laundry...I bought 5 more (I only had one and was waiting for my second one.) So after using all 6 and the brown only slightly fading...I decided to try the same technique but use straight bleach. (Keep resetting the time so it continues to agitate before it rinses.) Well...that lightened it up quite a bit! Then I dyed it red. It was actually a really pretty red for a while, but it said to rinse until it was clear and this time I didn't want to take any chances with it bleeding on other clothes. Every time the other clothes I dyed would get wet, it would leave either brown or black spots on stuff...and the Moby gets wet quite often with spit-up or drool so I didn't want it ruining all of my white shirts. So I kept rinsing it and it's now like a salmon color...not the red I wanted but at least it's a solid color again. I'm pretty happy with it. The down side? I had to take the tag off so it wouldn't dye and I'm not the best sewer so now that part looks pretty bad, but hey...it works.

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