June 28, 2011

Grandma Kay Kay Comes for a Visit!

Josh's mom came for the week to help with the kids. I was so excited for a break and got so much done! Brooklynn now calls her "Kay Kay" instead of Grandma Kay. It's cute. Thankfully she likes her new nickname.
We started the week out with a bang. Gabby was awake when she got in late Sunday night, and instead of risking waking Brooklynn back up (since she was sleeping in our room, too) I kept Gabby out with me. Gabby was laughing hysterically when she saw Grandma. It went on for probably 5-10 minutes at least. It was so cute.
This is Brooklynn's special bed I made for her for the week in our room. She couldn't wait to sleep there, I think she likes it more than her actual bed.

Monday morning Brooklynn crawled into bed with us (early) and the door was slightly open since Josh was getting ready for work. All of a sudden Brooklynn looked at me and got SO excited and said "Gramma Kay!" And then ran out there to see her. It was pretty cute. I was glad they started the week off with a bang, both of my girls. That morning I started my very long list of things to do by going to the dentist for a cleaning and a double tooth-pulling. When I left Brooklynn was just like, "bye bye, Mommy!" and was completely content with Grandma. (to which I was really relieved because I planned on doing this a lot that week.)
 Grandma with both of the girls. I'm not sure who had the most fun.
 Tuesday we took Grandma to the zoo. Brooklynn was REALLY excited to be able to show her around. First off we fed the ducks. Brooklynn was so excited. I don't think she knew this was an option before.
I know Grandma also worked a lot with Brooklynn and the whole potty-training thing. She even pooped on the potty once! She brought us a special princess potty from her cousin Adeline. She loves it.
Uh-oh. Having too much fun she didn't quite make it every time.
 We took Grandma to the park one of the nights.
Josh and I were able to go to a movie one of the nights. (Which I don't have any pictures from, but it was still fun.)
And another night we took just Brooklynn out for her own special date with Mommy and Daddy. We went out for ice cream. She LOVED it.
 We also planted an herb garden. I was pretty excited, although I'm nervous I still might kill everything. 
Thanks so much for coming out to visit! I got so much done and I know the kids really enjoyed spending some special time with their Grandma! We love you!

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