June 10, 2011

Updated Family Photos

Josie's arrival meant a family get together. And now that there is another person in our family, what a better excuse to update all our family photos! (Who are we kidding? I do this EVERY time we get together, not just when there is a new baby. Oh well.)

Here is the new Wescott family!

Here is the new Grandparent/Grandkid picture. (Notice that they--meaning all the kids--are ALL girls!)

 ALL the girls

Cousins! (Yup, this is the best we could do...my kids were both screamin.)

Sister pic holding our babies. 
We didn't get an entire family photo. We were going to do that when we went out to eat but it was raining and way too crazy to try and do it. Next time we're all together we will try again. 

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