February 8, 2012


I was really excited for Brooklynn to turn 3, thinking that maybe she'd grow out of the "twos"....it turns out that the "threes" have been a lot harder on me. She's so cute and we love when she is happy. But we never know when that is going to happen.
I've realized that the tantrums really start around 18 months...hit the peak around 2-2 1/2....and then start to taper off after that. But REALLY, it's partly that I'm used to them happening, and although they are much less frequent, when they happen they are much more extreme...sometimes just lasting weeks at a time. I'm not really an expert, but that is just my generalization. HOPEFULLY...it will get better soon.
 Here is Brooklynn, ripping to shreds her beloved Barbie house I made her. 

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