February 11, 2012

Beach Party!

Yay! The day for Brooklynn and Gabby's beach Birthday party was finally here! We were so excited! We did a lot of stuff ahead of time so most of the morning we were just waiting for people to get here. 
These were the invitations (which I made out of construction paper). Every kid got a bucket with some goodies inside so I put their names on them and put them going up the stairs so they'd see them as soon as they got here.
Just waiting for all of our guests to arrive! The girls LOVED waking up to beach land and ran around all morning pretending they were at the beach. 
We woke up to see snow outside...very ironic that it was snowing outside for our beach party. 
Brooklynn in all her beach gear...(which didn't really last most of the time but at least I got a picture of her.)
Her beach/Ariel cake/cupcakes. We decided to incorporate Ariel since, you know...she lives in the ocean and everything.
Different beach snacks. I would have loved to grill or something but since it was February we opted more for the sandwich-type snacks.
This one I took after I remembered to put the shells out. Thanks, Mom & Dad! Also, thanks to Aunt Erin for bringing the cute flip flop table cloth, plates and napkins.
Aww, Josie is ready for the beach.

Our first game: Dig for treasure in the sandbox. I really wanted to have sand at the party. Otherwise it didn't seem very beachy. People said I was crazy (including my husband.) We decided that if we had it just for a game, the sand would still be there but then we could control it a lot better so it wouldn't get everywhere. 

Next since we had sand at the beach...we needed to incorporate water as well. Since it was an Ariel party, too...we made up this came where we had to basically fish the mermaids out of the water. We let Brooklynn try it prior to her party and she loved it so I thought it would be fun at her party. 

And the last game we had was just Limbo. We thought it was pretty easy to throw together...and I THOUGHT it was a game the adults could play, too....but they didn't really want to limbo. Maybe I should have had a prize for this game, too and maybe they would have participated more?

After games we did the birthday cupcakes. (Brooklynn's FAVORITE part of any birthday party.) She LOVES the Birthday song and cake. In fact, whenever we have any type of dessert she tries to get us to put a candle on it and sing Happy Birthday. She loves to sing the birthday song so much she even sings it to herself. What a sweetie. Look at how happy she is. 

Gabby woke up right in time for the birthday cake. (Yeah...she slept almost her whole party.) So that is why she looks so sleepy.
After she woke up a little more she had some lunch which made her a little happier. Gabby's favorite thing is eating so this cheered her up quite a bit.
Josh and I in our beach gear. 
Gabby eating her birthday cupcake. I didn't get a picture of Brooklynn eating hers...it was gone so fast.
Time for presents!

The Woody doll was a big hit with Andrew, too.
Brooklynn got a sled from Grandma and Grandpa Bean. 
Gabby's turn to open presents! She looked precious in her little grass skirt.
Gabby got a new sled, too. We are ready for sledding!
We don't have many opportunities for ALL of Brooke and Gabby's cousins on both sides to all be together so we took a picture of all of them together.

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