February 14, 2012

Testing out the New Sleds

We finally got a good snow to test out the girls' new sleds AND this sledding hill right by our house. Yes, it's a park and the hill is there specifically just for sledding.
I got the girls all bundled up, in the car and then we ventured out. (by the time I got to this point I was already tired out). We got there and I pulled Gaddy all the way to the top. I pulled Brooklynn a little but then made her walk. The first way down I sat with Brooklynn and held onto Gabby's sled...and then I accidentally lost the rope so she ended up going by herself. Thank goodness it was not really as steep as it looked. I think we actually went down the part you're supposed to walk up and avoided the steeper part (although it looks AWESOME, but for a day when someone is there to help me).

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