February 2, 2012

Gabby's 1st Birthday

My sweet Gabriella...I can't believe you are ONE!!! We had a really fun day celebrating you. Although, it seems like every day lately you are almost this happy. Such a sweet girl. You love to eat. We made your favorite and had pizza for dinner and then cupcakes. You loved everything about both. 
Grandpa even got to stop by for a special visit on your birthday! 
Brooklynn helped me decorate the cupcakes with sprinkles.
AND, as a special bonus for your birthday, I even got a cute picture of my two girls together. 
For your snack you got popcorn...another favorite. I even let you just have the whole bowl, which you quickly dumped out. You loved every second of it. 
Brooklynn didn't like Gabby getting so much attention. 


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