February 10, 2012

Getting Ready for the Girl's Beach Party!

 We were getting very excited for the girls' birthday party! We had to do most of the preparations/decorating a day or two ahead of time with a few last minute touches on the day. It was a little hard having a beach party...INSIDE....in February, but we made it work. In fact, it was the perfect year to do it because we didn't really have any furniture so we used beach chairs for people to sit (or towels) just like at the real beach.

 I made cookies shaped like "3"s, "1"s and feet (like flip flops). 
 We had to let Gabby taste the cookies to see if they were any good...I think she approved.
I have a LOT of sunglasses so I used them as decoration. I was going to make everyone wear some and they could pick some out but I forgot.

The blue tarp serves two purposes...it is supposed to keep the sand from getting everything completely messy, and also look like water.

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