February 4, 2012

Andrew's Potato Head Birthday Party

Andrew had a Potato Head party. There were Mr. Potato Heads everywhere, and we had french fries and tater tots (cause they're potatoes). It was super cute. My favorite was the Potato Head cake. I thought it was super cute.

 I think we need to get Brooklynn some legos...ya know, so JOSH can play with them. :)
James and Charity's friend Jeff made a surprise fire truck stop so all the kids could see it. It was pretty nice of him. The kids were all so excited.
  Another cute shot of both girls...I'm so excited this is a more normal thing now.
Brooklynn carried this purse of Adeline's around all day.
Time for cake! Brooklynn kept trying to steal the show...or maybe just the cake.

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