October 21, 2011

Nightmare at Elmwood

So we were really excited to go to the zoo for their big Halloween event, "Nightmare at Elmwood." After the girls woke up I attempted to get Brooklyn in her cowgirl costume. Since it wasn't actually Halloween yet I didn't have all the parts (mainly the hat and boots.) I thought, "OK, we'll improvise and wear most of it." She wouldn't put the skirt on that goes with the costume, saying "pants!" And fighting all attempts that she was Jessie from Toy Story. She only wanted to be WOODY. So I had just the vest and jeans on her. It didn't seem that "dressed up" to me...basically all she was wearing was the vest. So I asked her if she wanted to wear her Buzz Lightyear costume. Nope. Wouldn't go near it. Time was running out so I threw this tutu on her. I decided to make her Buzz AND Woody with a tutu. She was a little less mad about this idea...but then made me take off the Buzz Lightyear stuff.. So...whatever. 
I couldn't put Gabby in her Nemo costume AND put her in the wrap so I put this Michigan hat on her and that was her costume for the night.

Brooklynn was really excited about all the candy she got. I added it to her gingerbread house. She was really excited.

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