October 1, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training pt. 4

continued pt. 2
Nov. 16, 2010: Today Brooklynn took off her pants and then her diaper. I asked her if she had to go potty and she responded with "peepee!" So I took her and sure enough she went. So I rewarded her with putting on some big-girl underwear (training pants) hoping she would continue to take them off when she had to go. I asked her 25 minutes later if she had to go again and she said no, then I waited another 25 minutes and she had already peed her underwear. She also freaked out and refused to sit on the potty after that. So I made her put her diaper and pants back on.
I'm thankful she sort of told me, though!
December 9, 2010: I have decided that since we're basically trapped inside because it's so cold, we might as well focus more on the potty training. Yesterday she did really well, was in training pants all morning with only 1 accident, and today NO accidents. She went about 5 times on the potty and I even thought she was going to poop one of the times. She is trying really hard, but I think she is backed up a little and it's a hard one.
January 31, 2011: Yeah, my previous update didn't hold, I'm too pregnant. I've decided to wait a little bit to fully work on training her, until I'm feeling better after I have Gabby. We do regularly sit on the potty, especially before bed. (usually she insists.)
The other day, though, I was feeling a little better and we worked on it a little morning. I put underwear on her and she stayed in it all morning with no accidents. We're trying to learn how to poop on the potty, that always seems to take way longer to learn. She went pee several times. We also watched her potty video "Once Upon a Potty" which every kid I know LOVES. They want to watch it over and over. The song is pretty catchy.

February 23, 2011: We had a breakthrough today and Brooklynn pooped on the potty! So it could have been a little leftover, she made three other teeny tiny turds like this one in her diaper and I could tell she was pooping so I asked her if she wanted to try and go on the potty. To my surprise she said "yes" so I sat her down and all of a sudden she pointed in her potty and said, "poo poo!" so I cheered for her. I'm not sure if it just fell off of her, since I hadn't wiped her yet, but I'll take any victory here. I think the point of it is that she sees that pooping in the potty is really no big deal and it's actually easier than going in a diaper.

March 4, 2011: Brooklynn ACTUALLY pooped in the potty today! It was a big one! (I did take another picture but I'll spare you and not post it.)

March-October: Brooklynn hasn't had too much success. She has been trying...and I'll read her a book and make her push some gas out before turning the page...and she'll get to a point where if it's going to be poop she REFUSES to push any more. And holds it...sometimes for hours on end until I can't sit in there with her any more. I've tried suppositories, enemas, just waiting. I've never seen anything so stubborn.

October 1, 2011
I have resorted to full-out BRIBERY to get Brooklynn to poop on the potty. She gets to open an actual present every time she has a success...and so far? It's WORKING. She's pooped almost every day in a row on the potty just so she can open a present. I'm hoping when we run out of presents she'll be fully trained so I won't have to re-stock. (Or could at least go back to chocolate or something.) Don't worry...all her presents are my free books or the like from the consignment sale. Basically the stuff I'm not saving for Christmas I wrapped up and put out of her reach for this purpose. We have an on-going deal that when she can poop ONLY in the potty (not at all in a diaper or her underwear) for an entire week straight, we'll take her to Chuck E. Cheese. (which we are calling Pizza Planet....from Toy Story.) She's never been to Chuck E Cheese but gets so excited when they go to Pizza Planet like it looks like the coolest place ever. I don't think she knows that there are actual places like that. She's on her way....I'm hoping that happens soon. Lately she's been CHOSING to try and poop, I think she wishes she could go every time so she can open another present.
It's so funny because I swore I'd never even use candy as bribery for potty training and here I am using actual presents. Oh how your views change once you become a parent.

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