October 12, 2011

Gabby's First Hair Cut

I was going to wait to cut Gabby's hair...but I couldn't stand it another day. Her hair is too thin to keep anything in to keep it out of her eyes, and she's constantly rubbing her eyes (I think because her hair is right in them! Poor baby!) So I trimmed it. I will grow out her bangs when she has more hair so I'm able to put it up. Until then...her hair is out of her eyes! Yay!
(I literally made 3 snips. I'm afraid I'm going to throw the bag away with the hair I saved from her first cut because it still looks empty.)
Brooklynn was really excited that Gabby got a haircut. She got her own yesterday and now she wants me to cut my hair. So...maybe if I have a free moment I'll give myself a haircut, too. 

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