October 31, 2011


So every Halloween for the last...I don't know...6? years or so we've gone over to the Bryant's since we don't get trick or treaters near us. We always watch a scary movie while we pass out candy. The last few years it's evolved to taking our kids, too. And THIS year...we both have two kids. Crazy how that happens.

 Cece and Andy were Raggedy Ann and Andy. SO cute. Cece's costume was Emily's when she was a little girl and then she made a shirt for Andy.
Here's all the kids....sadly the best one I have.
and the worst...in case you're keeping track of my un-cooperative kids during group pictures. This one I particularly like the use of the Jessie hat to block her entire face.

I loved Brookie's little Jessie costume...especially from the back. See the cute braid it came with?
I thought it was pretty humorous seeing a cute little Nemo fish being carried around by scary Scream face.

After a while we went back and watched Ghostbusters. We opted for a "less scary" movie since my kids would be awake.
Gabby and Brooke both loved our glow sticks...thanks Grandma Kay!

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