October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Our church hosted a trunk or treat this year. It was our first year doing it and it was really fun.
Brooklynn of course was SO excited about the whole thing. Before hand she kept saying, "church, no class! no class!" (similar tone to her "doctor, no shots!")
The whole time we were there she just kept running, dancing, eating more candy. I'd say her FAVORITE thing was showing everybody our car, or "woody present." Partly because she went with the whole, "one for you, one for me" attitude.

This was our car. We went with "birthday party." (mainly because we had a ton of balloons already.)
 Here are some of the other cars. As you can tell we had lots of fun.

 Brooklynn just kept running and dancing...she had so much fun.

Brooklynn LOVED showing everyone her "Woody present." (the present filled with candy...it's wrapped in Toy Story paper.) She was actually really good with other people taking "her" candy...she was actually excited to give it away. She DID, however, insist on picking candy out for every person. Sometimes they tried to pick something else out and she'd be like, "no...this one." (like...TRY the sucker. TRUST ME.)
This is Brooklynn with her sweet friend, Julia and her dad, Matt. They all were Toy Story characters, too...Julia was Bo Peep and her dad was Woody. Her little brother was actually a cute little sheep but he wasn't in the picture. We just had to get a picture since the "whole gang" was together.
Gabby slept in the car almost the entire time. We got her out towards the end so she could go, too. She really just liked eating the wrappers.

Gabby and Brooklynn both loved all the tootsie rolls. My Grandpa would be so proud, it was his favorite candy.
Here's everybody who was dressed up...good job, everyone!

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