October 19, 2011

October 19

I have no idea what I did on October 19. My days kind of all blur together. But my camera tells me these things happened that day:
We worked on spelling Brooklynn's name. I traced some magnet letters on some paper and let her have at some magnet fun. She loved it. In fact...just the other day she saw her sippy cup that says "Brooke" and all of a sudden she pointed at it, got REALLY excited and said, "MY NAME!" I was impressed because we don't really tell her that much that it says her name, she just recognized it. 
Silly Brooklynn...after watching her do it PERFECTLY a few times right off the bat I decided to get my camera and she did it like this: ALL WRONG ON PURPOSE. Then she laughed. She knew she was "tricking" me.
We played dress up. Brooklynn wouldn't let me take any pictures of her but Gabby of course cooperated. I would love to get a princess sister picture. 
 I watched my girls read books together. Brooklynn has ALWAYS loved this game. Gabby hasn't really gotten it yet but is starting to love it. (Maybe b/c they're made out of paper?)

Thank goodness for my camera of this day would totally be lost in my memory. Now I can remember at least a few things I did.

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