October 2, 2011

8 Months Old

 Gabby is 8 months old today! I can't believe it! We weighed her the other day and she was 23 1/2 pound already. And I threw my hip out putting her in her crib because she is so heavy. Even though Brooklynn is 29 pounds (or maybe a few more) she feels much lighter than Gabby because she is much taller and can help hold herself more.
Gabby is going through her separation anxiety phase...BIG TIME. Like every time I even take a few steps away from her she starts crying. Or as soon as she sees me she starts balling. She's usually fine if I'm right there the whole time...or if I just stay away.
Gabby has been practicing her standing skills every chance she gets. (Even in her sleep). She can now stand UNsupported for several seconds. She takes one or two steps if you hold her hands...but really she just likes to be standing. She hasn't mastered the art of actually lifting her feet...or even wanting to.
She just sprouted her first tooth on the TOP this time...for a total of 3 teeth so far.
Gabby is such a sweetie. She and Brooklynn are becoming better friends and always goes over to Brooklynn and tries to play with her. She can't talk yet so she just stares at her laughing or smiling until she notices. (Most of the time Brooklynn ignores her but sometimes she comes around and actually plays with her.)

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