April 7, 2011

Gabby's 2-Month Dr. Visit

Today we had Gabby's 2-month Dr. Appointment. It went so much better than her 1-month visit; although it was still a little bit crazy.
When we got to the Dr. office, she managed to STAY asleep for a little while in the waiting room, and it did help tremendously that I remembered to bring the stroller. I sat with Brooklynn and we watched a little "Tinkerbell" which was playing. They called us and Brooklynn was pretty hesitant but not freaking out like last time. Gabby still stayed asleep! Then I had to wake her up. But so far she was pretty happy. (But more on that, she is JUST NOW back to sleep and it's 2:50 pm...and before that she only slept for that maybe 20 minutes in her car seat ALL DAY.)
They checked her out, weighed and measured, etc. Gabby is a whopping 12 pounds, .07 ounces. (90th percentile) She is our shorty (but still pretty tall--80th percentile) at 23 1/2 inches. (She's our shorty because that is almost how tall Brooklynn was at BIRTH--she was way above 90th percentile until just recently.)
So note to self: when you take your baby to the Dr. and they make you keep them in JUST a diaper for most of the appointment, don't bring a dark blue one for your little girl. When the Dr. came in he kept saying "he". "HE is such a good eater it looks like!" and "How is HE sleeping at night?" etc. I didn't have the heart to correct him because a: I'm sure it's ON HER CHART and he could see for himself if he cared and b: he'd find out soon enough when he took her diaper off that it was in fact a SHE. He actually did notice and casually switched to "she" once the diaper came off...but no apologies, nothing about "oh, it's a she, not a he!" Whatever. I think it's kind of funny. And partly my fault...how would you know if the poor kid is only wearing a blue diaper? Who even buys their little girls blue diapers? (I do. I like blue.)
We asked about Torticollis for Gabby. She is ALWAYS looking to one side and even when you try and turn her head the other way she resists and usually cries. It's also hard to feed her on the other side. I wasn't sure how bad it needed to be to qualify. So we're supposed to try and "encourage" her to look to the other side. He also doesn't think it is that, just a "habit" or "preference". So we're keeping an eye on it.
And poor Gabby had to get two shots and an oral vaccine. She didn't like it, but the nice thing about having a colicky baby is that when she screams from getting the shots it doesn't effect me the same way as it did with Brooklynn (who was fussy but not really colicky)...I'm so used to hearing her scream like that my protective instinct doesn't make me want to punch the nurse...and every one is a lot happier. She did say "Wow, she's a bleeder!" and explained that she will probably be bruised later and that was OK.
For more on Gabby at two months, read here.
Brooklynn had to get her ears checked while we were there! No more ear infection! Wahoo! She does, however, need another antibiotic for her nasty diaper rash she got FROM the first antibiotics. Luckily, it's a cream so hopefully no more horrible battling our daughter over trying to swallow medicine.

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