April 8, 2011

Lost: Brooklynn's Ability to Take Naps

Hmmmmmm, what is happening?
Today is day 2 of Brooklynn not sleeping AT ALL during her nap? What in the world? She went from like taking the best naps ever (we're talking 3-5 hours every day) to NOTHING?!?!?! Yesterday she was in her room for 2 hours talking, playing, getting into all kinds of trouble. I finally gave up. I thought maybe it was due to our trip to the Dr. throwing everything off...but today? What is the deal? I mean, she's been a little less naughty today but what is happening? Do kids just stop taking naps that dramatically?

UPDATE: OK, so after only 2 1/2 hours the second day of this...she FINALLY fell asleep! Thank goodness.

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