April 14, 2011

Band Aids

Brooklynn keeps saying "owe, owe!" ALL. THE. TIME. There is no way she is really that injured all the time. I think I've figured out the problem...she's just trying to get more Band-Aids. So I'm humoring her. (These are not real cuts...just fake injuries to get more band aids.)
Hey, I figure it's one simple way to give her a little attention that she is so desperately craving. 
 I told her to show me her band-aids. Doesn't she have the classic I'm-SO-hurt-face to go along with them?

Good thing I have so many Band Aids in our storage room. Yup...this is our actual stash. And I got them all for FREE. (Actually, I made money on each and every box).


Shannon said...

bethany, you have to share how you got such a great deal on bandaids! I try to coupon but have never found such deals!
-Shannon (a friend of Betsey's and Joanne's!)

Bethany said...

One word: Walgreens!
It was like a year ago and I stocked up...they were on sale and I used a coupon, and I think I made like 16 cents per box or something?