April 28, 2011

Spring...or SUMMER?

We've been enjoying this gorgeous weather so much. We've been playing outside as soon as we can get ready and staying out there all morning until lunch time, almost every single day. It's glorious. 
We have been finding pineconesenjoying the flowers, (and weeds, too)we even had popsicles outside. Many times we wanter over next door and play on their playground. It has gotten so hot lately, (mid-80's!) and even needed to cool off in the pool several times. Gabby enjoys the nice weather, too, as long I keep her in the wrap and don't try to put her in the grass. And of course a favorite are lots and lots of bubbles. I haven't even broken out the big bubbles yet, but I think that is in our near future.

These are Brooklynn's steps. They've been like this since we moved in. Actually TODAY all the fence stuff was gone and she was so excited to be able to go up and down these steps all morning.

Yup, Brooklynn's face pretty much sums up how she feels about all this nice weather and getting to be outside.

Look at all the pretty flowers in the background!

Brooklynn has been doing SO much stroller pushing outside.

Look at these humidity-created curls Brooklynn's got goin' on.

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