April 2, 2011

Gabby is 2 Months Old!

I can't believe my Gabby is 2 months old already! It is going super fast. Partly because we're torn between trying to cherish her tiny baby newness as much as possible, and counting the seconds until she turns 3 months and is hopefully less colicky. Yup, whoever said that Colic peaks around 6 weeks clearly hasn't seen Gabby at 7 weeks...or 8 weeks for that matter. On the flip side, we're able to cope a lot better with it, we learning what she likes, what usually calms her down, etc. It's mostly preventative stuff; like I don't even try to put her down anywhere for her naps, I just put her in my Moby Wrap. She is starting to be able to play for short periods on her play mats, etc...we just have to time it right so she's 1: fed. 2: changed and 3: awake and not sleepy. Then we're able to set her down for like 10; sometimes even 20 minutes now! (QUITE a jump from before when it was like 2 seconds.)
We also know that she needs to be swaddled or in the wrap, and loves to be patted like she's being burped and bounced on the exercise ball all at the same time. I'm getting quads of steel from all my bouncing. Seriously. Rock solid. She's in the wrap (sleeping) and I'm sitting on the ball right now as I write this, actually.
It's such a hard balance, though. On one hand, we all CAN'T WAIT until she is less fussy. But by then she won't be my teeny Gabby anymore! And then I'm sure I'll look back and miss having a little newborn again. So that is why I'm trying to cherish every moment, even as I'm at the end of my rope ready to pass out from the exhaustion of taking care of her. 
When she isn't fussy, which is sometimes whole chunks of the day now (I don't want to give poor Gabby too bad of a reputation...) she really is SO cute, happy, and smiley. In fact, she has such a killer smile, it will make your heart melt into a thousand pieces. It's the same as Josh's smile, and I married the guy...so I must really like it. ;)
She still is (always has been, pretty much) a GREAT sleeper at night. She only wakes up about once in the middle of the night, I make sure she is latched on to my breast correctly and then I go back to sleep. It's a great thing we have going on. 
Gabby found her thumb!                  Gabby is getting a double chin
Starting to get a little head control

Gabby is getting quite a nice Mohawk!
Gabby slept with me in Brooklynn's room when Josh was sick. We didn't want to get his germs, plus Brooklynn had been needing us in the middle of the night so we just went in there. In the morning she stayed in bed and she looked so tiny!
Gabby posing with her blanket made by Great Grandma Ashley. Isn't it GORGEOUS?
Gabby has also started taking an interest in her "Baba." It's pretty cute. I think she isn't quite as crazy about hers as Brooklynn was (yet). Maybe it's because Brooklynn often finds it, brings it over to Gabby (so sweet) but then throws it at her head (not so sweet). I think her intentions are good.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the blog, Bethany- I loved it. It brought tears to my eyes seeing how much Gabby has grown and also reading your comments. I do remember feeling the same way when the kids were newborns. You just wish you could somehow bottle that time when they were really little, but also eliminate all the frustrations. Betsey has installed our new webcam( I think) so it would be fun to try to skype again. Love you guys! -Mom Bean