April 30, 2011

Elmwood Park Zoo

Brooklynn was so excited to come back to the zoo. The day we got our membership we just went for an hour or two. Today we went as soon as it opened and here is Brooke RUNNING towards the gate. 
When you first walk in there is this open eagle display. It's pretty awesome. Except besides there being really pretty eagles there are also some nasty vultures always lurking around. (Like, sometimes WAY too many vultures.)
Poor Brooklynn is terrified of this little petting zoo area. She won't even go in. The very first time we were there we went in and then the goats jumped up so their hooves were on the edge of the fence and she started clinging to me for dear life. 
Here is Brooklynn right on the edge of the barn. She likes the animals but she doesn't want to get too close.
Brooklynn was just as excited to see a bird in the mulch here as all the other animals. 
Checking out the turtles
See that blue speck of a child way in front of me? That is Brooklynn. 
Brooklynn was even a little scared to touch this fur hanging on the wall. She worked up a little more courage this time.
Looking at the bison from inside the train. (Or as Brooke likes to call the bison, "poop." Also "BIG!")
Brooklynn loves the ducks. I wish they had a few more of them.
Right in the middle of the zoo there is a huge playground. It's so great for toddlers. It's a cute little zoo with just enough animals to make you feel like you're at the zoo, but not big enough so that you're exhausted at the end.

Oh boy...the peacock. Brooklynn LOVES this bird. It's her favorite thing at the zoo. (Besides the long horn sheep). She talks about him all the time, even when we're not there. 
Brooklynn ran ahead of me the ENTIRE time we were there. So cute to watch. A little gut-wrenching realizing that she is needing me less, but exciting at the same time. It was so noticeable that every time I would catch up to her to try and get a picture or something she would be off to the next exhibit. She had a great time, though. She finally got tired at the very end and plopped in our stroller that had really been a bag holder the whole time. I was glad to finally be able to use it. 
Brooklynn has already been to the zoo 4 times this year. Only once have I remembered my camera. 

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Elmwood Park Zoo said...

Great photos! Thanks for visiting the zoo, we look forward to your next visit.