January 21, 2012

Kingsbury Christmas

We left for Olivet Friday after Josh got home from work. It was so weird to only get there a couple of hours later. How nice not to have to drive for 10 hours.
Saturday was Kingsbury Christmas. We were excited to get to go now that we lived closer. We had a nice dinner at a church and then we all bundled up and went sledding. 

 Look at smiley Andrew.
I had to take another one when Adeline noticed I took a picture of just Andrew. 
 Gabby was asleep when we got there..(after about a 5 minute drive.) I was planning to take her out and just hold her but she was SO sound asleep I thought I would try lying her down so my arms wouldn't get so tired. She did so good sleeping there for about 5 minutes....until she rolled over. Then she was not so asleep.
We had a great time....and to think I almost forgot to pack our snow stuff, thinking we wouldn't have time to use any of it!
After sledding we went to Uncle Bill's house. I think this was one of the only moments we saw Brooklynn...after that she was off to the basement in toy heaven with all the kids.

Thanks for a great day, everyone! We so enjoyed getting to be there and spend time with you all!

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