January 4, 2012

Goshen Visit #2

Instead of driving all the way back to Olivet and then to Goshen and then back to Olivet, we drove straight to Goshen from Olivet...that saved us at least a few hours of driving. Anyway, this was the trip where we got to go inside the house we were hoping to rent to make sure it was liveable.
I accidentally ordered the large coffee since we were in the drive through. They weren't kidding...it's LARGE.
We stopped halfway through our drive and ate at a Burger King...the girls were rockin' their BK crowns, I thought.
While we waited for Don to get there we let Brooklynn out of her car seat. She was being really cute. Gabby was just sleeping away the whole time.

Josh and I decided that even if we liked this place a little, we would go ahead and take it. We were also REALLY hoping to move in on Friday but that was only two days away and weren't sure if that was even an option; most places have to run a security check and all that kind of stuff ahead of time. (We wanted to move in on Friday, because Josh's first day of work was on Monday.)
Well...good news, the place was not only liveable, but it was really cute, actually. AND...a total answer to prayer, we asked him how soon we could have it and his answer was, "Well, you can move in tomorrow if you want!" WHAT?!? So we said Friday and then he gave us a key...no down payment, no nothing. He said his wife would come by Friday for us to sign papers and to get the deposit. We were so thankful. (She told us later she couldn't believe he just gave us the key.)
So here it is:
Kitchen and living room. (And I forgot a picture but behind that there is a washer and dryer in a huge laundry room that we've doubled as a playroom.)
Our huge bathroom and storage room.
Our bedroom
This is Brooklynn's room. She couldn't have been more excited. She kept running around the place squealing and laughing. It was precious. I think she likes it.
This is her closet.
Josh at our door with our new key!
We looked at two other places after this one just as back ups...they cost more than this and they were total dumps. One of them Brooklynn looked scared just being in there. So we are yet again totally thankful and giving God all the glory in this move.

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Suzy said...

How exciting! House looks great ... I am so jealous of all that room!! :)