January 3, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese!

We have been bribing Brooklynn with a Chuck E. Cheese date if she eats her meals good for 7 days. Every meal she ate good she got a sticker on her little chart and when it was full she got to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Well...that was incentive enough for her to eat. (At least the first time, the second time we're still working on filling her paper.) Well, she filled her chart when we were still in Muskegon, so I thought it would be even MORE fun for all of us to go together to help celebrate Brooklynn eating so well. The Murrays were really sweet and had mailed us a bag of tokens for Chuck E. Cheese. 
We decided not to tell the kids where we were going so it would be a surprise.
 Brooklynn was all about the tickets. We had to control her or she would just take every ticket she saw, even other peoples...
Gabby was all about the pizza. This girl loves pizza.
And Andrew was all about the tokens. Every few minutes he would come up to me and say, "More tokens please!" 

 I thought it would be a really fun idea to try and get a group picture of the kids at one of the booths. Well...that plan kinda backfired. Not only did it make them all pretty mad, Adeline (the ONLY one who was even remotely excited about the idea) was the only one you couldn't see at all in the picture. 
 After we ran out of tokens Brooklynn and Adeline played in the playground together. Andrew wanted nothing to do with it.  
Andrew just wanted to play on more rides.
 Gabby wasn't so sure of everything. I think she was pretty tired.
 Then we discovered this cool dance video where they could dance with Chuck E. and friends.

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