January 6, 2012

Moving to Goshen

Well, Josh and his Dad left early with the truck while his Mom and the girls and I stayed in Olivet, ate breakfast and loaded up the rest of our stuff....then we both drove over to Goshen. When the girls got to our new place they guys were already done unloading. (we planned that perfectly, didn't we?) It was all waiting for us in the living room...we had our work cut out for us, huh?
 First on Josh's list of things to do: take a well-deserved nap.
 Gabby was a big help. 
 Starting to set up the toy room...I barely saw Brooklynn or Gabby for like 3 days when we first got here.
 Our first meal here: chicken enchiladas! Thanks, Mom Bean for making it for us. It was so yummy!
 And when Gabby kept about throwing the card table over while we ate dinner...the next thing on Josh's list was to set up our table.

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