January 5, 2012

It's that Time Again

So while Grandma Kay watched the girls...Josh and I went and got another truck, emptied THIS storage room (yeah...we had two of them.) into the truck but also into the front of our other storage room so we'd be down to ONE. AND...we did it.
It's a little stressful deciding to rent a house and move in 2 days...but we did it. (And surprisingly not as stressful as moving AND packing in two weeks across several states.) Since most of it was already packed up, and we weren't moving everything, it was a lot easier.
It was still a lot of work, though. And it was REALLY cold.
So Josh and I (by ourselves, mind you) emptied all this furniture. I was pretty impressed with myself. We got a dolly for this adventure and it was a good thing we did. It helped a lot.
Here's the truck
And this is the storage room (before we put all the furniture in it...I think my hands were too cold to take a picture after.)
 So imagine this with several bigger pieces of furniture stacked in front of it...just barely able to close the door. That is all the stuff we have waiting for us someday when we buy our house and get to get all this. I can't wait. 

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