January 27, 2012

Just Playing in the Toy Aisle

One of our regular activities is going to a Walmart, Target or Meijer and playing in the toy aisle. A lot of times Josh will watch the girls and I'll grab groceries but sometimes I'll just take them to play. They LOVE it. And, the best news of all, we go so often they don't really ever want to BUY any of the toys. They don't throw fits (well...about the TOYS) they just assume they are the store's toys and they don't really know we COULD buy them. (probably since we never do.) Occasionally Brooklynn will throw some stuff in the cart (she is catching on) but most of the time they just have fun playing with the toys. This is a great way for me to figure out stuff to put on birthday or Christmas lists...stuff they play with the most or continue to go back to. 

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