January 7, 2012

Special Visitors

My parents came on Saturday to help unpack and see our place (and us). My Dad and Josh took the truck back (a huge relief for me!) and my Mom and I unpacked a lot of the kitchen. She was such a big help. Then we went shopping while the guys stayed with the kids. I spent a small fortune at Meijer getting groceries and several things we had to throw away that wouldn't fit in the truck (like a dustpan, cleaners, etc.) It's crazy when you have to start completely over with ALL your food. (Probably good to do occasionally, though. I didn't know HOW old some of my stuff was...in fact, I think some of it we moved to our old place 2 years ago last time we moved...probably good I finally threw it away.)
Brooklynn was SOOOOO excited when they got here. Like she just couldn't believe that she had her Grandparents here to visit. She was running everywhere showing them all her stuff, her room, the toy room. It was so cute.
Grandpa Don getting some of his favorite back hugs. (Yes, I've explained in full detail to Brooklynn that he will do AN-Y-THING you want if you give him a back hug.) She just gives them out for free still. :)

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