January 9, 2012

Back to Regular Life...

So for two weeks we had one car. Josh's car was still in Michigan until we went back. That was fine with us; it gave me lots of time to unpack and settle in; however, it was a little hard being stuck in the house. We made it through, though. We played a lot. For the first several days I barely saw the girls, they were having so much fun in their new playroom. After that it was like they said, "OK, we're done. What else do you have for us?"
We broke out Brooke's new fingerpaints. (She got some for Christmas because we ran out of her old ones.)
She was not thrilled about me taking a picture...and I LOVE this shot because it's so grumpy.
Brooke started just bringing ALL her toys out of the playroom and into the living room. This is actually a modest amount compared to how it looks usually. 
She also started doing the "splits". She says, "Mommy, look at me! I'm doing the splits!"

A couple of the days it was really nice (although cold) out and we ventured out and WALKED to the park nearby. It was so fun to have a park we could walk to, especially having no car. Brooklynn was SO excited.
 Brooklynn got both a Little People Nativity set and a Little People Nativity puzzle for Christmas. This particular morning she was comparing them; noticing they are exactly the same. She was saying, "look, two Marys!!" She was making them talk to each other, "hi, Mary! Hi, Mary"

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