September 23, 2009

8 Month Update

Brooklynn is 8 months old today! I can hardly believe where the time went. She is so busy lately. She goes and goes and then crashes to sleep...and she is already crawling around in her crib when I go to get her after her naps. I knew from her high activity when I was pregnant that she would be very active, but I had NO IDEA how crazy it would be when she was officially mobile.
Brooke is becoming quite the trouble-maker. And I love it. She is into EVERYTHING, especially
things she's not supposed to be in. I don't know how she can tell those things apart. But for some reason she knows. I think every child is born with this type of radar. I will put her in front of a very enticing basket of toys and she maybe plays with it a little, but really she starts going for things like our keys, cell phones, a dirty diaper if we leave it on the floor, plastic bags, hand sanitizer. Basically I'm in a sticky situation because our apartment is a mess right now, but I have no chance to clean it because as soon as I get up to try and clean the very things up that she is not supposed to get into she is going after something else. Today I was washing the dishes and
I heard a big thud and then a cry. I'm assuming she pulled herself up to standing and then fell over; she has a little bump on her eyebrow. The other day I tried to take a shower and I set her right outside the door with it cracked a little. A few
minutes later when I heard a loud, "MAaaaa" I looked and she was on her way into the shower, attempting to crawl in there with me. She just played with the scale instead and got completely soaked from the water. She also had managed to find a small piece of plastic that was IN her mouth. I'm glad she gave me a big smile because I saw it in there so I quickly jumped out and fished it out of her mouth. I don't even know where it came from. (That is why she got soaked because I guess I dripped water all over the place.)
Anyway, I know it's time to start child proofing...but I feel like I missed my window! When am I going to have a chance to do that?
Brooke loves to play with our DVD player. We're going to have to get one of those guards or something. I tried to put a movie on for her the other day so I could maybe do some cleaning and she didn't watch any of it, she was crawling over under the chair and then back over to the DVD player to play with it. (And this was like 9 pm--not tired at all.)
This is Brooke playing with her hair box. I let her do this to get her to hold still to put her hair up out of her face. She pulls every single one out and puts it in her mouth. (The teeny tiny ones are in small boxes so she won't choke on them.) She loves it. She gets mad when I close it up, but I'm trying to have it be "special" so she will hold still. Usually we have to end up doing her hair several times a day but that is fine with Brooklynn.
Now that it is colder I wasn't sure what to do with Brooke's pool. I found the perfect solution. Fill it with toys instead of water! I took the Pack N Play down and just throw toys in here. It's good for storage and a fun play area. Unfortunately she only sat still like this the first couple times and now she tries to crawl out of it. She's not quite to the point yet where she can do this without falling on her face so mostly we either have to supervise her or we're just storing toys in there.
This is Sadie's toy that we have been borrowing. Brooke LOVES it and this is what she has been doing with it lately. I can no longer let her do this unless we're close by to catch her.
Brooke LOVES this chair. It's the first thing she'll crawl over to and she just plays forever under there. She can even do pull ups on the back; it's like her own little baby gym.

This is an older video of Brooke's Army crawl. She's a lot better now but I haven't had a chance to upload any video of it.

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Charity said...

What a big girl Brooke! You and Andrew are going to be fun to watch in November.