October 4, 2009

Fun with a Box

My fall Pampered Chef samples came and Brooke of course is loving the huge box to play in, play around, stand in, stand up on...you name it. We made big blocks out of the smaller (empty) boxes that were inside and she loves to hit them like a drum. It's the little things in life that are so fun. I even gave her a car ride in the box.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I loved all your entrys today. It was so much fun to see how you spend each day. Everything seems clearer both on the screen and with the sound, also. Are you using a video camera vs. videos on your still camera? Thanks so much for spending the time to do this. It is definitely hard to be so far from you guys. Looking forward to seeing you soon- Love- Mom Bean

Bethany said...

Nope, it's all from my camera. As far as the clarity, I did recently get a new camera. We just got it cleaned this weekend because the very first weekend I had it there was a tiny fingerprint on my lens...now it's all better. Maybe that is it? Anyway, it's a much better camera than our old one. Glad you liked the posts!