June 17, 2012

June 2012

Yeah...it's September and I'm just now getting to June. To speed things up a little bit...here is our entire June.
Another trip to the zoo! I think Gabby thought these animals were going to eat her in the first picture. She was screaming her head off.

 We also got to go to Samuel's first birthday party! I was so excited to get to see Jasmine and her family again. We also got to see lots of other friends that were there, too. How fun! 
 Brooklynn was really excited to see Sadie, she even got to sit by her to eat. 
Brooklynn discovered clippys for her hair...and wanted me to put them ALL in her hair at the same time. (She usually does but I have to convince her just a few)
Gabby's hair is finally long enough for pigtails. I love it. :)
We went to Muskegon to see Adeline in her last soccer game. 
Gabby and her boyfriend, Uncle James.
 There's the big soccer star!
 Our girls were big soccer fans for their cousin.
Gabby, give the ball back so they can continue their game!!!
 After the game we went to the beach! What a fun day! 
I FINALLY got a decent picture of all four Bean cousins together.

 Gabby learned how to climb in and out of her chair by herself...giving me only minor heart failure every time.
These pictures of my baby sleeping never get old.
We went for several walks on the Pumpkinvine Trail. This particular day since I had Snow White with me I let them pick some of the wild flowers. (Since no princess is complete without a bunch of flowers.) They both thought it was the best day EVER.
Grandma and Grandpa were in a bike ride down by us so we went to watch them at their rest point. It was perfect timing, we got there as soon as they rode up, had a snack with them and then they continued. We decided to make a whole day of it and invited all the Beans down to celebrate Father's Day, and James and my birthdays. It was extra fun for us because since we hosted we didn't have to drive anywhere. (Always a bonus for us!)
 Here are all the Olivet riders.
 After we left we decided to stop at a park but it started to get too hot to play so we headed home. 
 The girls thought it was great fun to play with the ice cubes...which ended up melting too quickly because I think it was in the 100's this day.
 Yay! The Muskegon Beans were here! Brooklynn was a very happy host showing off her outside toys. We played in the sprinkler, the pool and with all their little toys. We just sat in the shade which cools it off quite a bit. Even Charity ran through the sprinkler. 
 I suggested that the very wet kids go snuggle with Grandpa because he looked so hot sitting there all dry and cozy. They thought this was a GREAT idea. :) 
We don't want to leave out Grandma, either!
(I don't think either of them minded.)
 And when Gabby woke up from her nap we took everyone to our sprinkler park for a change of scenery. The kids LOVED it. Adeline especially loved it, there is a huge bucket of water that dumps every few minutes and she liked to stand RIGHT under it and get SOAKED. Usually Brooklynn is too scared of this but she didn't want to be outdone by her older cousin so she joined in. 
 James and I each got a cake. (Sorry, James, I ate some of yours, too.) They were both delicious. 
 ACTUAL Father's Day here is Josh and the girls. I couldn't ask for a better Father for my girls. Thank you for all you do for all of us. 
 We decided to be REALLY fancy and go out to dinner. Kids eat free on the weekends at Steak & Shake so we decided to go there. (Hey, we're cheap). 

After Steak & Shake we stopped by Meijer and got a helmet for Brooklynn so she could start riding her bike. She CAN'T wait to test it out.
And learning how to pedal...
There is a cow farm about a mile from our house. So we walk there from time to time. The cows come right over and look at us. And we look at them. The girls love it. I especially love it because I LOVE cows. 
Josh's parents brought us a picnic table to use until we replace it. We LOVE being able to eat outside! Thank you so much!
So that is our June! Stick around for July, August...and September. Maybe I'll do them eventually!

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