July 25, 2012


So apparently the Elkhart county fair is one of the biggest fairs out there. Who knew? It was fun...it really was HUGE...tons of animals. I couldn't get over just how many animals were there. We will have to plan to go more times next year, the girls loved it and still ask me if they can go to the fair.

  This might be my favorite picture from the fair. First of all, look at just how excited Brooklynn is. She is LOVING the swings. And then look to her left...the girl in front of her was screaming the whole time. I thought it was pretty funny to have both extremes captured in the same picture.

 We saw this pig being born. Pretty cool. 
 We went back later and saw all his brothers and sisters. 
 Check out what we found...a PINK John Deere tractor. Brooklynn was very excited about it.

 Gabby found this random wood. She was kinda using it like a walking stick.

  Someone was handing out free ice cream coupons. Nice.
 This picture is pretty pointless...but as I'm posting this almost 7 months later I can't get over Gabby's baby cheeks. She looks so little to me here. 
 Ice cream and elephant ears. Even in the evening it was SO hot. We are trying to cool off just sitting. It didn't really work so pretty soon we left.
 Yum. Sorry Pennsylvania but I am happy to be back in Indiana just for the elephant ears alone. (They only have funnel cakes in PA, most people haven't even HEARD of elephant ears. Say what?!)


 ONE more ticket! 
 Brooklynn chose bumper boats.

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