March 31, 2012

Trip to Muskegon

Brooklynn kept asking about Andrew and Adeline so we planned a weekend to go visit. Not for any special occasion, just because we wanted to and because now that we're closer...we could. They were very nice to let us invite ourselves for the weekend. It was colder than we had hoped but we bundled up and still got plenty of outside time...mostly on the trampoline and the motorized cars they have in the backyard. Brooklynn calls their backyard the "park" still. 
I love this shot of Brooklynn with her Uncle James. 
Josh and James were pretty tired from all the bouncing they had to do.
I bounced a little but I had to hold a sleeping Gabby. (By my choice)
Brooklynn got right on and started driving around.
Charity cracks me up in this shot.
Brooklynn found her favorite baby stroller....and pushed around a backpack.
Uh-oh...traffic jam.
Andrew had never been the driver before but since Brooklynn was doing it earlier he decided he would give it a try. 

In case you can't read it, the red box says, "Do not allow more than one person on the trampoline at a time." Oops.

Gabby looks tough here.

Brooklynn cried pretty hard when we had to leave. She will miss her cousins but she had so much fun she didn't want it to end.
Thanks for a great weekend!!

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