March 31, 2012


I continue to remain several months behind on this blog no matter what I do. In an attempt to catch up and also spare you every last detail of our lives, this is pretty much our entire March.

We played in our little sandbox...a LOT. It was a really nice March, in case you missed it. We're talking in the 90's some days. In MARCH.
We went to the park. Our favorite is the "Castle Park" at least that is what we call it.
All of our playing outside meant some nights I didn't feel like cooking so we would eat out.
We love our wagon. Gabby especially loves it...she just sits in there playing buckle the straps, get in and out.  We use it to walk to a park...yes. We can WALK to a park here. That makes me super happy.
This is at the park we can walk to. When I ask Brooklynn if she wants to go here she just says, "NO. CASTLE PARK." But then I take them anyway and she loves it. 
If you walk a little past our park, there is the Pumpkinvine Trail. It is great for walking or bike riding. A little bit into the trail there is this little lookout bridge over a swampy area. The girls LOVE it. 
Another place we walked to we can see COWS!!! Can you believe it? It's only like a mile away from us. It's not the safest walk but it was fun to do once.
We went for a nice family walk after church one of the Sundays. It was SO nice outside.
I make my family  pose for random pictures sporadically. 
Brooklynn showed Gabby the art of pushing their baby strollers all over outside. 
Here's my little sickie.
And Gabby who wasn't sick but was trying to compete for my attention by getting into all kinds of trouble.
And here is another park. It's pretty cool, but my least favorite. Gabby just wants to eat the tiny rocks constantly, they get stuck in my shoes all the time. And, for the record...why are there rocks at a park at all? 
See? Won't stop eating the rocks.

Gabby is trying out some new hairstyles now that her hair is getting longer.

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