May 21, 2009

How Was the Drive?

When we live in Pennsylvania and our families are in Indiana and Michigan, our drive is usually between 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 hours. (Usually right at 10). So you can imagine how we were dreading the drive this time with a 4-month-old baby! One that hates her car seat, too. Well it was much better than I imagined, or at least the best possible version of what I imagined. On the way to Michigan we left at about 12:30 after Josh worked a half-day. I was aiming for it to take 12 hours, at the best possible situation. It took 12 1/2 hours (not bad.) Brooke slept most of the way, she had one of us in the back seat when she was awake to try and entertain her. She got a little fussy around bedtime and when we put her back in her seat after feeding her she was REALLY mad at us. But then she fell asleep. We brought a blanket to sit on and feed her "picnic" style, and luckily it was a really nice day.

I ended up staying a little longer than Josh so we drove back seperately. We drove two of the hours to Toledo and stayed with my sister the night before we drove the rest of the way. On the way home she slept for a LOT of the way; my plan was to play and feed her during her awake time and then drive during her naps. She slept for about 6-7 hours worth of naps that day. I was impressed. I think it helped that she had a busy week to rest up from. It took us 11 1/2 hours on the way back (plus the 2 to Toledo so total of 13 1/2). It was very long but she did great. It was nice to just take our time. I ate my lunch and dinner while she stretched and played on the blanket and then I fed her and then we headed back out. I set up her Baby Einstein videos for her to watch and that helped a little. She had about an hour long fussy time that I had to keep stopping...that wasn't too fun. Overall I think she did great.

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